The Truth About Thread Count

 Welcome to Thread Count 101. 

Think high thread count means high quality? Think again.

Thread count measures the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Traditionally, high quality single-ply threads max out at a thread count of 600. But in order to cut costs and increase thread counts, many brands started using lower-quality, short staple yarns in double and multi-ply formulations in order to artificially inflate thread counts. Thanks to some brilliant marketing, customers began to equate thread count with quality—even when the underlying yarn was substandard.

When you shop for sheets, put the jargon to bed. Rather than thread count, the two most important things to keep in mind are fiber and origin. 

FIBER: When it comes to sheets, fiber is fundamental. Look for ultra-fine and long-staple like Supima. 
ORIGIN: Simply put—trust the experts. We partner with an Italian fabric mill because they are the master weavers of the world. And there’s no one we trust more than our French partners, who have been cutting and sewing the world’s most beautiful sheets for decades.

Once you’ve picked a quality fiber woven and finished by experts, it’s all about personal preference. At Hill House, we offer two weaves across our collections. Choose one and stick with it, or switch them up according to your mood—we like them both.

PERCALE: Percale is crisp and cool with a matte finish—like your favorite button-down shirt.
SATEEN: Brushed Cotton Sateen is soft and luxurious, with a slight sheen.

Time for bed!