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How To Wash Your Sheets Like An Expert


Proper care can be make or break—literally. Wash too hot and you risk tearing your bedding, wash too cold and bacteria begins to build up. High quality bedding should last for years, and feel softer after each wash. We’ve assembled the best advice from industry experts to ensure your sheets stay softer, longer. 


  • We recommend washing sheets at least once a week.
  • Pillowcases in particular should be washed often; oil and dirt residue from hair and skin can stain sheets and cause bacteria build-up
  • If you use a top sheet, duvet covers can be washed every other week


  • Machine wash warm—cold washes will not kill germs or bacteria
  • Always wash sheets alone. This prevents discoloration, tangling and pilling and also ensures sheets dry evenly
  • Fill machine half-way only to prevent tangling


  • If you notice your sheets getting dingy or dull, treat them with a pre-soak and hot water
  • Do not bleach 


  • Tumble dry low or line-dry
  • Remove sheets while damp and smooth with hands to prevent creases 


  • For minimal wrinkles, smooth creases with hands while sheets are slightly damp
  • If ironing or steaming sheets:
  • Do not dry all the way—sheets should be slightly damp 
  • Keep ironing/steaming area clean as sheets may touch floor 
  • Check iron for any dirt or residue before using 
  • Iron in segments, folding as you go
    • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
    • Do not store in plastic
    • We recommend washing your pillow and duvet inserts once a year 
    • Wash inserts alone, using non-bleach detergent on a gentle cycle
    • Dry on low heat until completely dry (may take more than one cycle)
    • Add clean tennis balls so that the fill moves as it dries.