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How do I Actually Wear a Bow as an Adult?

To know Hill House Home is to know our love of all things bow-related (cough, cough, have you seen our newest launch?). In anticipation of this delightfully endless season of wanting to feel and look festive, we tapped our founder Nell Diamond’s go-to hair stylist (read: bow extraordinaire) Ashley Rubell for some tips and tricks on all things bow related--for adults.

Plus, we wouldn’t do you any favors if we didn’t include some of our favorite photos of Ashley’s bow-work of times past.

What do you love about bows as hair accessories?

I find them to be some of the most versatile hair accessories out there. They can be woven into any hair style for a very organic look, or they can be a total statement piece. Bows leave a lot of room to the imagination and really enable you to play around and be expressive, which is what a good accessory is supposed to do. 



What's the easiest way to adult-ify a hair bow? 

Not to get all philosophical on you, but I think a good rule of thumb for adult-ifying anything is quality over quantity. Our bed sheets, our relationships, and yes, also our hair bows are instantly matured by their qualitative attributes. You want to look for thicker, sturdier ribbon that will hold its shape well over time so it can be used again and again. Also, try adding a beautiful texture or unique shape into the mix. The material of your ribbon will elevate your hair bow a step beyond just color coordinating with your outfit. 

How can those with short hair incorporate bows into their hairstyle?

Better yet, how can they not?! You could wrap a beautiful fabric or scarf around your head (like you would a bandana) and tie a bow at the top to create a headband. You could pull your hair half-up and tie a bow around your ponytail or bun. You can do the infamous bang poof a la your very own Nell Diamond and tie a delicate ribbon at the base. You could tie thin ribbons or ropes into small, sporadic bows all over… the possibilities are truly endless. 

What's the trick to tying the perfect bow?

This really depends on the material you’re using! Generally, for a classic, reliable bow, I would suggest creating two loops first and then tying the knot. You can use the tail ends to adjust and manipulate the size of your bow after you’ve tied it. 


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What is the best way to establish where your bow should be on your head height wise?

You want your hair bow to be complementary to your entire silhouette. The placement has everything to do with your hair style and attire, so while I don’t have a blanket statement on height, I’d just advise not to go too overboard with its size. Even when your bow is worn as a statement accessory, it should still blend in with the overall ensemble. 

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How do you get your bow to stay in place? 

The same way I get anything to stay in place — hairspray and hair pins! Extension tape works well too (but don’t use it unless you know how to properly remove).

Follow Ashley on Instagram @AshleyRubell for major hair inspo and visit her website to learn tips and tricks for getting the chicest of hairstyles.