Introducing HHH x Prabal Gurung Table

Hi Team!! 

I'm Nell Diamond, Founder & CEO of Hill House Home and I am SO excited to share some of the inspiration behind #HHHxPG - our first venture into the world of tabletop! 

Partnering with Prabal – one of my dearest friends and my favorite humans – was an absolute dream. I’m endlessly inspired by what Prabal has built – not only his incredible designs, but also how he’s built a company with such integrity.

As soon as Prabal and I decided we were going to collaborate on this project, we knew that we wanted to make it both playful and relevant. One of our favorite games is running through our ever-changing “Dream Dinner Party Guest List.” The rules are fairly simple; 8 guests (including yourself), any human, dead or alive, famous or not. We have lots of fun adding and removing from our own lists, and it got us thinking – what is it about the best kinds of dinners that creates magic? What’s the secret behind the type of night that leaves you glued to your seat, hours after dessert has ended, never wanting to leave?

Prabal and I concluded that our real dream dinner party is one where guests – regardless of whether they’ve known each other 10 years or 10 minutes – really listen, and move beyond flimsy niceties to discuss ideas. But we also know from experience that it can be difficult to muddle through those first few minutes, awkwardly stumbling over appetizers while making small talk. With this in mind, we decided to give guests a little help in the form of conversation starters embroidered at the top of their placemats. We decided on an 1877 poem by Christina Rossetti with exactly eight lines, and a multitude of meanings. Rossetti has always been a favorite poet of mine, and she’s an incredibly powerful example of what Prabal calls, “femininity with a bite.” As one of the foremost poets of the Victorian era, she challenged expectations of what it meant to be a woman, an artist, a citizen through her work. Her poems are at once vibrant, lively, romantic and serious, considered, urgent. This dichotomy felt perfect for our collaboration.

Together, the lines of “An Emerald is as Green as Grass,” have the ability to spark fascinating conversations about femininity, fragility, beauty, strength, power and deception. On their own, however, the single lines appear one-dimensional, instructional, shallow; “A sapphire shines as blue as heaven.” Just as the lines of the poem are, at first glance, straightforward, so too our neighbors can seem deceivingly simple before we learn more. By splitting the lines up on different placemats, the Dinner Party Set encourages conversation across the table and allows deeper exploration of both poem and neighbor.  The poem’s multitude of meanings can only be discovered by speaking to your neighbors to find the hidden lines, and in doing so, guests are invited to discover the poem and its meaning together. In the process, dinner guests learn more about themselves and each other. For both Prabal and I, it’s a wonderful way to encourage real conversation over a meal. Simply put, we’re better together, and that’s the true foundation of any dream dinner party.

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An emerald is as green as grass; 
A ruby red as blood; 
A sapphire shines as blue as heaven; 
A flint lies in the mud. 
A diamond is a brilliant stone, 
To catch the world's desire; 
An opal holds a fiery spark; 
But a flint holds fire. 




The Prabal Gurung brand launched in February 2009 inspired by femininity, indelible style and an astute sense of glamour. A focus on quality and innovation has placed Gurung at the forefront of American Fashion. Born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Gurung brings worldly influences to his designs.  Prabal Gurung chooses to manufacture over 80% of his collection in New York City to uphold standards of quality while supporting the local community. Please visit for more information.


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