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This is it.

We’ve built the perfect pillowcase to showcase the monograms of your dreams, based on feedback from YOU.

For the past 1.5 years, we’ve been taking notes on your hopes & dreams about all things home. We’ve asked how you live, how you shop, how you sleep, how you gift – all to help us on our quest to bring you a home you adore. We’re committed to developing all of our products this way – by asking questions, learning about your lives and listening to what matters to you and why.

The first Hill House Home product designed with your feedback in mind was the Cloud Insert. You told us what bothers you about pillows – when they feel too soft or too firm, when they don’t breathe well, when they’re difficult to wash, when they don’t fit your pillowcases. You told us you care about look AND feel, that you can’t figure out why hotel beds always look so good, that a ‘Standard’-sized pillowcase should fit a ‘Standard’-sized Pillow like a glove. Cue the Cloud Insert. Or, as we affectionately call it, the Goldilocks of Inserts: not too firm, not too soft – just right. We iterated for over a year to arrive at the ultimate pillow, engineered to fit all HHH bedding like a dream.

Today, Hill House Home is proud to introduce our newest feedback-designed product: the Sure Thing pillowcase set. Before we launched HHH, we never could have predicted how popular our monograms would be. One of the most rewarding parts of our day is watching customers celebrate life’s magical moments through embroidery. We’ve seen song lyrics, love notes, pregnancy announcements, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, and poems; one very creative entrepreneur even celebrated a successful fundraising by monogramming “SERIES A / DONE” on his pillowcases. We love seeing how customers build on our blank canvas, and we love applying this very old school tradition in a thoroughly modern way.

When we began soliciting feedback about monograms, you told us you were looking for a low-maintenance, matches-everything, perfectly-giftable pillowcase that could replace the need for throw pillows, and that was low-cost enough to buy a few sets and switch it up depending on your mood. It took us a year of testing and several prototypes, designed in partnership with our Italian manufacturer, to bring you the Sure Thing. Below, we break down exactly why we love this product. Spoiler alert: we got you.

  1. Matches Everything

My personal philosophy is that a beautiful set of pillowcases should be like a pair of fun shoes - something you don't have to incorporate every day, but you know will be an instant mood-lift, just when you need it. I switch out pillowcases with different monograms based on my mood, the laundry cycle, the weather - but I still want everything to feel like it "goes." 

The simple elegance of the Sure Thing's construction means they go with absolutely everything. Trendy wallpaper? No problem. Knitted quilt given to you by your boyfriend's best friend's sister that you just can't get rid of? You got it. 

  1. Low Maintenance

The Sure Thing has a 1.5 inch flange that makes it look perfectly styled even after a week of tossing and turning. Ever wonder why bedding always looks **so perfect** in stores and professional photos? Well - I'll let you in on a secret - there's tape supporting the flanges. In order to keep the flanges looking perfectly perky, bedding brands use construction tape (and a whole lot of starch) to keep the flange up. 

The Sure Thing is your bed's showpiece - for that perfectly styled look without the starch & tape. 

  1. Perfectly Giftable

Taking care of #1 was crucial to making this infinitely giftable. Matching everything means this set is the perfect gift for anyone - even if you've never stepped foot in their bedroom. 

We went one step further and created an elegant, thin, pillowcase-only giftbox specifically designed to fit exactly one pillowcase set. So even if you’re buying online, you don’t need to worry about how your gift will arrive. We made our packaging so durable that even a cross-country trip in the mail won’t ding the giftbox, so your last minute, 2am gift-order feels just as special as if you’d wrapped it yourself.

  1. Lower Cost

In full transparency, this part took a lot of engineering on our end. We work hard to ensure that our pricing is not only fair, but also aligned with our mission to bring you the home of your dreams without the headache and guesswork. Before we launched, we got endless feedback about how difficult it can be to shop for bedding, because prices are all over the place. This left our friends & family frustrated and resentful after shopping, and they often went home with a design they didn’t really love, just because it was cheaper.

With this feedback in mind, we set consistent prices across all collections; this way, you’re free to make a decision based on what speaks to you – not a perception of quality.

We truly strive to offer the lowest prices we can, and worked hard to get the price down on the Sure Thing without sacrificing quality in any way. We take home a smaller margin on the Sure Thing because we’re invested in you as a customer, and we’re so proud of this product that we’re sure it’ll bring you back to us whenever you need more for your home.

We can’t wait for you to try the Sure Thing. As always, email us with what you love what you hate, what you dream about. We can’t wait to keep making magic together.


Nell and Team HHH 

P.S.  I love a made bed, but I'm also eager to get out of the door in the morning. My two minute, no stress bed-making routine: use a coverlet over your top sheet, and roll your duvet at the end of the bed. That way, you won't spend your morning endlessly fluffing your duvet to keep it looking just-washed. I love the dramatic, loose scallop of our Waverly collection, but the longer flange means that these need a little more fluffing after a few days of sleep. I prop a row of Waverly King pillowcases against my headboard, then two Sure Things in front, so that they're the real showpiece. Then I layer with four Briar Minis across the bed!