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Next To My Bed: Kira West

Next To My Bed: Kira West

It's hard to imagine Kira West, digital creator and Creator in Chief of jewelry line MadebyKWest, has any time to sleep. Between working full-time in the travel and technology space, she's managed to find her own creative outlet through blogging, continuing to shed light on all things wellness. "The idea to start a blog began when people started to ask me about what I ate, where I was working out and where I would be off to next," West shares. Today, the Brooklyn raised, Chicago transplant is ready for all the new adventures that come her way. That's if, of course, she can figure out how to work her alarm clock...Here, she shares what's next to her bed.

Kira West Next to my Bed

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

I sleep on the left side. I try to go for the middle if my boyfriend is away but somehow still end up on the left side. 

What can you not sleep without?

More than two pillows. I just love the feeling of extra pillows. Also, I can't sleep without a temperature that's around 70 degrees.



What is currently next to your bed?

A night stand with two drawers. Love having storage near the bed. I keep a photo my Dad took and gave me, a candle, some CBD (I love NoireBud products!) and an alarm clock I'm still trying to figure out how to use. I sleep with my phone in another room.

What is the strangest thing that's next to your bed?

Probably the alarm clock I still can't figure out how to use properly. The time isn't right and most times I keep it off because I find the light, although subtle, hard to sleep with. 

Kira West Next to My Bed

What would you not be able to sleep without being next to your bed?

Since I moved farther away from my family don't think I'd be able to sleep without the photo that's right next to the bed. 

Do you keep any electronics next to your bed?

Not really; just a lamp and that alarm clock. I've got a phone charger but rarely use it as my phone sleeps in the kitchen. That helps me get up in the mornings and also not to stay awake scrolling.

What is your nighttime routine in 5 steps or less?

1. Shower with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

2. Wash my face (currently, I've been using Tata Harper's Clarifying Cleanser), brush my teeth and apply night time skincare. I've been exploring clean beauty and having fun with a few new brands: Alpha H Skincare's Liquid Gold is actually liquid gold and I love Clean Your Dirty Face and Odacite.

3. Usually say goodnight to my boyfriend and our dog, Joey, since I head to bed earlier than everyone else.

4. Close all the shades and try to take a few deep breaths and I'm in bed.