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Next To My Bed: Nell Diamond

Welcome to our first installment of Next to My Bed, a bi-weekly feature on Hill House Home's 40 Winks Blog that takes an up close and personal look at what some of our friends keep next to their bed.


Nell Diamond, Founder & CEO, Hill House Home


Nell's typical nighttime ritual involves books, moisturizer, and braids. Two to be exact. Oh, and, of course, Paw Patrol, because #TeamAventureBay.

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

I sleep on the right side of the bed.

What can you not sleep without?

My husband, Teddy. And a silk eye mask!



What is currently next to your bed?

A bedside table.

What do you keep on it?

  • A stack of books with the one I'm currently reading always on top.
  • A little dish from John Derian's collaboration with Astier de Villatte. I love storing my jewelry in this dish. It was a gift from HHH team member, Sara. She bought it at Dixon Rye in Atlanta, her hometown
  • A glass water bottle and reusable straw, filled with water and  Natural Vitality Calm magnesium powder
  • Paperweights that serve an exclusively decorative purpose
  • A silk eye mask by Hill House Home, duh
  • A Ralph Lauren frame with a photo from my wedding
  • A Cire Trudon candle. This candle was a gift from my friend Martin Brûlé, the incredible design mind behind our HHH store
  • Charging devices for my beloved Fitbit and Iphone, of course
  • At least one Paw Patrol character belonging to my son, Henry



What is the strangest thing that's next to your bed?

Always something Paw Patrol related.

What would you not be able to sleep without being next to your bed?

Water! I get so thirsty overnight.



Electronics next to bed? Thoughts?

My phone is in the drawer of my bedside table. There's a VERY handy USB plug inside my drawer, so I can literally shut my phone away in the drawer while it charges. This feels like the height of luxury to me.



Sum up your nighttime routine in five steps or less. Go.

1. Fill a glass bottle with Magnesium Calm Powder (the lemon-lime tastes like Crystal Light).

2. Shower.

3. Brush through my hair and braid it in two long braids.

4. Apply lots of moisturizer.

5. Read a few pages of a book and go to sleep.

You can follow Nell to learn epic braiding techniques and get an inside look at Hill House Home HQ life @nelliediamond.