How To Create The Perfect Bachelor Bedroom

Truman Capote

Article by Katherine Grace 

Our bedrooms reveal a great deal about us. I once woke up in a bed with pillows dressed in fraternity t-shirts, because the bedroom’s owner – late twenties - only had one set of pillowcases, which was in the wash. He also had a striking Gordon Parks photograph hanging on the wall, alongside a cartoon drawing of a woman rolling her eyes, which he told me reminded him of his ex-girlfriend from 3 years ago. What did this guy’s bedroom say about him?

“I’m getting there.” But slowly.

My point? Bedrooms, especially the bedrooms of single people, are intimate spaces; your bedroom is a reflection of who you are and where you are in life. So if you design your bedroom for who you want to be, who you will be, even who you already are (on a good day)... well then you’re halfway there. Does a new fling need to know that it takes you three weeks to do your laundry and you have a weird relationship with your ex? Probably not. Let the awesome Parks print work its magic.

Your bedroom influences what people think of you because it is, in the end, a space that is completely yours - and yours alone. Living in a cramped sixth floor walk-up? It doesn’t matter. Put a little thought into it, and your bedroom can become your sanctuary. Somewhere to go when you need a minute to just do you. A place to read, reflect, sleep. A place to invite someone you care about; a place that's comfortable; one that has soul. 

So… where to start. Let’s go for the lowest hanging fruit: any crumpled college posters still clinging to your walls have got to go. If you truly can’t bear to part with the stained school-spirit flag you’ve had since freshman year, at least ship it over to Simply Framed and give it a proper mounting. Replace these fratty relics with real art, pieces that speak to you as an individual. These don’t have to cost a month’s rent: check out Artsy’s auction app, sort by price on 1stDibs, even hit eBay in search of deals. Framing multiple pages from the same coffee table book, like almost anything from Taschen, is another great way to get the “gallery wall” look on a budget.

Then move to the main event: your bed. Your bed is the cornerstone of your room. You sleep in it every night: you deserve a comfortable mattress (try a personalized version from Helix Sleep), a legitimate bed frame with some sort of headboard, and serious bedding that your mom didn’t pick out for you. We love the look of a low platform bed for men: they’re totally sexy and instantly make rooms look bigger.

As for your bedding: check out our Ivy and Savile collections for simple, high quality, masculine options. Go for Ivy if you’re a hot sleeper (it’s made from a light, crisp Percale), or Savile if you prefer a minimalist look (it features no borders or embellishment, and is made from a brushed Sateen that’s designed to wrinkle less that average sheets - perfect for unmade beds). For men who favor a more architectural look, we also love the more-detailed Chancery Lane. Get 2 sets of sheets and pillowcases (i.e., one bed set, one simple set), and don’t shy away from monograms – they’re cool and unexpected for men. Pick up one of our sumptuous bathrobes (monogrammable upon special request), while you’re at it, and prepare to relax in comfort and style – in a room that’s all yours, and all you. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Best Bachelor Beds Pinterest Board for ideas.