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Swaddle Me Kit

Includes three swaddles.

$ 75

Color: Mixed Trio

  • color


Swaddles. What a concept. Ready for this?

Swaddling is the centuries-old tradition of tightly wrapping a baby in a thin muslin blanket so their arms and legs are constrained. It’s essentially a super cozy burrito situation that reminds babies of the womb. Some babies literally cannot sleep unless they’re swaddled. Other babies fight the swaddle on day 2 of life like they are a tiny baby superhero. Either way, these thin, breathable, super-soft muslin blankets are a true essential; use them as a breastfeeding cover, a blanket at the park, a cover for your stroller, or just like a regular blanket. Truly cannot live without these in the first few months.

Made from 100% Organic Cotton, and 100% machine-washable, duh. The Swaddle is a 46 inch square.

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