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The Bridal Collection

Hey Bestie. The Bridal Collection was designed for you. We created a very sparkly, glittery and joyful collection for you, your besties and all the intimate, happy moments you'll share together.


The Engagement

It’s official - the wedding is on! To celebrate, we designed the perfect engagement gifts for the bride and her bridesmaids. Each kit comes with a silk eye mask that says it all and a silk pillowcase for healthier hair and skin.

We wanted The Bridal Collection to be fun for bridesmaids and to design something they could wear time and time again.


Getting Ready

Hair and makeup, last minute outfit changes, and some good music - there’ nothing like getting ready with your best friends before the big day!

Wedding Weekend

Rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches, a bit of dancing, and a whole lot of fun - the wedding weekend is finally here! From the happy couple, to the wedding party - we have something for everyone.

One of a kind pieces for once in a lifetime moments.

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