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Amrit Next to My Bed

Next To My Bed: Amrit

Creative Entrepreneur, Amrit may have been born and raised in Australia, but she is all things NYC-meets-LA when it comes to aesthetics. She is a prolific DJ, having spun at some of the most iconic places in the world. She is currently hosting her show Unhinged on NTWRK, as well as Ask Amrit on her IGTV on a weekly basis, where both outlets have allowed her to create a safe forum for dialogue on love, sex, communication and everything in between. After a decade of working in the industry, she’s become known as a true taste-maker. Here, she shares what is next to her bed.



What side of the bed do you sleep on?

The middle (I sleep alone, so why not!)

What can you not sleep without?



My dog, Soy, a min pin chihuahua 

What is currently next to your bed?

A nightstand. The books I'm reading (right now) are You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and a friends script called American Detox. My nightstand is a makeshift one built from two vintage plastic crates. Don’t judge me it works for now! It’s the last piece I need to get for my room.

What do you keep on your side table?

A Muji diffuser (I love lavender before bed) and a usually a big jug of water. I also love The House of Intuition burning and essential oils; I love the Amber: Love & Healing.

What is the strangest thing that's next to your bed?

I am newly obsessed with the Bearaby weighted blanket. I used to think weighted blankets were a scam, but they truly are legit. 

Do you keep any electronics next to your bed?

I try to charge my phone and have it away from my bed or in the other room! My laptop will sometimes be below the bed if I watch something to fall asleep, but it's rare.

What is your nighttime routine in 5 steps or less?

1. Walk my dog.

2. Check my calendar for the next day.

3. I’ll read or catch up with a friend on the phone and

4. I always try my best to do my end-of-day beauty routine: I cleanse with Dr. Barbara Sturm's Enzyme Cleanser; tone with Ole Henriksen's Dark Spot Toner; use a nighttime face oil like True Botanicals' Pure Radiance Oil or Clary's Renew + Repair oil; and do a lip mask: Laneige or Bite Beauty. Sometimes the full routine doesn’t happen, but I try!