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A Letter from our CEO: The Pink Agenda & Breast Cancer Research

A Letter from our CEO: The Pink Agenda & Breast Cancer Research

Hi Fam!

Sometimes (ok, all the time) I have just a few too many #emotions to fit into a product description, and I have to channel all my words into a a blog post. 

One of the greatest joys of my life is building this business, and I’m honored every day to have even a small part in changing how our customers feel about their homes. I created Hill House Home based on the idea that the space we live in has a profound impact on how we live our lives. My goal is to allow everyone the opportunity to feel empowered by the life they create for themselves in their homes. Living in a space you love can help create the world you want to live in. 

As our business grows, we hope to take advantage of the influence our size affords us to support causes we care about. Today, for the first time, we launched two pillows to support The Pink Agenda, a not-for-profit organization committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care. 

These two products are incredibly personal to me; I designed them as a tribute to my Mom, who was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July 2014, and has since undergone a successful Double Mastectomy and Reconstructive Surgery. Both pillows are embroidered with two of my favorite positive-thinking mantras written in my own handwriting. Since I was a child, my Mom has been determined to teach me that happiness is something we have control over; something we can work at, and strive towards. Whenever I feel just a little too anxious, or scared, or sorry for myself, my Mom says, “Happy Thoughts & Pixie Dust” to get me back into a positive headspace.

Although my Mom is 3 years cancer free, the road post cancer is never easy. She has had the best news possible since that initial diagnosis, and it’s still been incredibly difficult physically, emotionally, logistically. This mantra means more to us than ever, and I’m so excited to share it and help support this important research. 

Every day we have a choice to wake up and choose happiness and pixie dust and nice thoughts, whatever comes at us. Positive thinking is about more than just being cheery - chasing positive thoughts can create real value, and help build the resilience muscle that helps us move through the inevitable challenges of life. Here's a link to my instagram, where you can read a list mood elevators my Mom wrote down for me at the peak of my postpartum anxiety -- so intense I often threw up from worry. What are your tried and tested mood elevators?? Write them down, share them with friends, practice them - do whatever it takes.  

We’re so proud to support The Pink Agenda, and we hope you love what we made.  Shop the Happy Thoughts Mini by clicking here, and the O'Keeffe Mini by clicking here. 

Happy Thoughts & Pixie Dust,