Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas Based on Romantic Movie Scenes

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas Based on Romantic Movie Scenes


What makes the perfect Valentine's Day outfit? A perfect combination of personal style, attention to detail, and of course, that romantic je ne sais quoi.

Need some more specific inspiration? Look no further than some of our favorite romantic heroes from film. Their outfits translate into ideal date outfits whether you're going out to a fancy meal or doing a Cheer Netflix marathon with your friends.

Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything

If you're going for the casual "I didn't try hard to look cute but look totally cute" look, find the best fitting pair of jeans you've ever seen and pair them with a super cozy sweatshirt. Top the look off with a trench coat a la Say Anything for some added drama.

What you'll need:

AGOLDE 90s distressed mid-rise straight-leg jeans, $180; net-a-porter.comNanushka Greta belted double-breasted woven coat, $1,110, net-a-porter.comHill House Home Silver Crest Unisex Jumper, $175,

Juliet in Romeo + Juliet

Going for ultra-romantic? Invoke the costumes from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet: flowy, gauzy, and quietly sexy.


What you'll need:

Hill House Home The Christina Nap Dress, $125, hillhousehome.comThe Row Lace and Mesh Slippers, $550,

Belle in Beauty and The Beast

Belle was a smart woman with a fabulous assortment of hair bows. And that is something we can get behind. 

What you'll need:

Doen Bijou smocked floral-print cotton-blend dress, $325,; Hill House Home The Sara Bow Kit, $75;

Gerry Jeffers in Palm Beach Story

So you want to wear pajamas on Valentine's Day. We see you. And we get it. Opt for a classic pajama top (we have some options) and style with a relaxed pant and a fabulous mule to make the look going-out apropos. 

What you'll need:

Hill House Home The Gaia Pajama Set, $150; hillhousehome.comA.W.A.K.E. Mode Sasha leather mules, $425,; Leset Stretch-Jersey Wide-Leg Pants, $180;