Halloween Costumes That Allow You to Basically Stay in Bed

There are two types of people in this world: the ones that love Halloween (schedule their Glamsquad appointments a month in advance, get serious nail art, invest real money in their costumes...) and people that don't. 

Regardless of which category you fall into, there's no reason comfort can't be king this Halloween season. And here at Hill House Home, we're big proponents of embracing the nightgown.

Thankfully, some of our favorite and most original Halloween costumes can be created primarily by wearing pajamas. Here, we round up four that we can't wait to try. 

Little Bo Peep

What you'll need:

The Athena Napdress, $175; hillhousehome.com; Eyelet Socks, $5; modcloth.com; Mary Jane Flats, $690; ssense.com; High Rise Sports Leggings, $64; matchesfashion.com; Bow Barrette, $106; mytheresa.com; Stuffed Lamb, $25; bloomingdales.com


Rear Window's L.B. Jeffries

What you'll need:

The Arthur Robe, $200; hillhousehome.com; The William Pajama Set, $175; hillhousehome.com; Any camera, any wheelchair, and a fake leg cast. (Here's a great site that teaches you how to create.)

Rosemary's Baby 


What you'll need:

The Caroline Nightgown, $100; hillhousehome.com; Any fake knife; Pearl Earrings $99; net-a-porter.com; Metallic Leather Slippers, $450; net-a-porter.com

Grease's Sandy (Sleepover Scene)


What you'll need:

The Katherine Nightgown, $75; hillhousehome.com; Padded Headband, $25; jcrew.com; Slippers, $30; nordstrom.com

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