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Next To My Bed: Chrissy Rutherford

Next To My Bed: Chrissy Rutherford

Welcome to our latest installment of Next to My Beda feature on Hill House Home's 40 Winks Blog that takes an up close and personal look at what some of our friends keep next to their bed.

Chrissy Rutherford, Harper's Bazaar's Special Projects Director

Harper's Bazaar veteran Chrissy Rutherford is known equally for her street style stardom (she always is on the pulse of the newest and coolest designers) as she is for her encyclopedic knowledge of all things astrology.

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Usually on the right side, but really whichever side I'm charging my phone on.

What can you not sleep without?

A clean face, I NEVER ever go to bed with makeup on. Also my Invisalign retainer (only a few more months to go!)

What is currently next to your bed?

I have a floating bookshelf on the left side, and then a regular Ikea bookshelf on the right

What do you keep on your side table and/or floor next to your bed?

I don't have traditional side tables which feels a little weird, but my Ikea bookshelf has so many cubbies. There's lots of space for me to keep whatever I could possibly need.

What is the strangest thing that's next to your bed?

Probably this little case that has a colored smoke bomb inside of it (it's decorative). I got it from a dinner Tanya Taylor did years ago or my Himalayan salt night light.

What would you not be able to sleep without being next to your bed? 

There's nothing that could keep me from falling asleep :) 

Do you keep any electronics next to your bed?

My phone, and I've been known to sleep with a laptop, but not so much anymore.

What is your nighttime routine in 5 steps or less.

I put my Invalisgn to soak in its cleaner while I cleanse my face and put on any potions and lotions. Currently I'm wearing my hair straight so I wrap it at night and tie a silk scarf over it. 

You can follow Chrissy to learn how to dress like a street style star and get insight into how to align with your star sign @chrissyford.