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Next to my Bed: Lindsay Peoples Wagner

Next to my Bed: Lindsay Peoples Wagner

Welcome to our latest installment of Next to My Bed, a feature on Hill House Home's 40 Winks Blog that takes an up close and personal look at what some of our friends keep next to their bed.

Lindsay Peoples Wagner,

Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue

Lindsay Peoples Wagner has been one of the major talents changing the landscape of magazine publishing for the better. As the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue (the youngest editor-in-chief in Condé Nast magazine history) she's made it top priority to feature issues that other magazines have otherwise ignored. “I think I’ve made a lot of decisions that other people would never take the risk to make," she told the New York Times in an interview last year. We love her for those decisions as well as for her totally-real, honest spirit. Here, she shares what's next to her bed.

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Left side!

What is your sleep position?

All over the place. I'm a very rough sleeper. I always somehow seem to wake up in an odd position and my bonnet off. 

What can you not sleep without?

I need something to calm me lately more than ever. I've been loving this cannabis infused perfume oil, just lightly dabbed on my wrists at night to help me go to sleep. 

What is currently next to your bed? 

Just a table and a lamp to read. There's lots of skincare and books basically. I'll light some candles, lately I'm into Brooklyn Candle Studio, and do an extra layer of moisturizing before I go to bed, especially on my eczema spots and I've been loving Hanahana beauty shea butters on my body, and lathering on Valmont creams from Rescue spa on my face. If I use one of the massagers I'll add a drop of Chanel's skin oil that I love because it isn't too sticky and doesn't cause breakouts. I also love a sheet mask, and the Skyn Iceland eye gels (they're the only ones that really stay on) and I'll do one of those while reading or watching something before bed. It sounds like a lot of work but it's honestly relaxing and therapeutic to spend some time on yourself at the end of the day, and I can just roll over and go to sleep when I'm done.

What is the strangest thing that's next to your bed? 

The facial massagers definitely look a little suspect but I love them! Face tools are one of those weird parts of skincare that you either care about or think are just a waste of time, but I really do feel like it's helped with overall tone and absorption of products. 

What would you not be able to sleep without being next to your bed?

This is going to sound bad but honestly my phone because I am a heavy sleeper and won't wake up unless I set five alarms or my husband wakes up. 

What is your nighttime routine in 5 steps or less?

1. Add a layer of moisture to hands and eczema spots with Hananaha Beauty.

2. Sheet mask to hydrate the skin.

3. Apply eye and face cream.

4. Massage all the creams in.

5. Add some oil on top, put my bonnet on and it's time to go to bed!

Follow Lindsay on Instagram @lpeopleswagner and head to for some A+ content.